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Tenant Representation Services

Landlords and real estate agents are always on the lookout for the best deal for them and in a competitive marketplace, that is just a reality of the business world.

What it does establish though is the need to have an organisation with resources fighting your corner when issues surrounding a lease or property agreement arise. No matter how much you resist them, they will pop up from time to time.

Here is where a suitable, competent and affordable tenant representation service comes into the fold. Complications may rarely arise, but there will be points of conjecture where businesses and renters are asked to undergo the heavy lifting for their residency, a scenario that is not always fair or right.

It is advised in this situation that you examine the options at your disposal, particular in an environment as diverse as Sydney.

Let us analyse some of the leading tenant representation services for the Sydney market that you should be talking to.

Savills Australia

By enjoying a complete domestic footprint that ventures to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to compliment their Sydney office, Savills Australia is a tenant representation service recognised and respected nationwide. Their expertise ventures far beyond the basic realms of tenant representation, ensuring that their experts are well versed in the necessities of their clientele.

From office and residential tenancy to industrial, leasing, consultancy, student accommodations and valuations, the portfolio that Savills Australia boasts is extensive.

Their research division keeps the finger on the pulse for any changing developments on account of government or economic intervention, providing their customers with up-to-date information that is a tangible asset.

Should you be on the lookout for an experienced set of hands to guide you through the tenancy process, Savills Australia must be towards the top of that tenant representation service list.

CI Australia

Led by Director Beau Stewart, CI Australia is one of the best Sydney-based options for tenant representation services available to clients. No detail too small is overlook as their talent covers each and every category that falls under the banner of this issue:

  • Lease management
  • Tenant representation
  • Accommodation portfolio strategies
  • Market rent review negotiations
  • Divestment management
  • Restructuring existing leases

CI Australia cover the big end of town from a $1 million Rozelle property all the way down to humble renting blocks in the city and outer suburb regions. By running in accordance with international standards, you can bank on their history and integrity when stacked up against similar brands.

CI Australia state they will exceed your expectations, so if you happen to sign up for their tenant representation service – hold them to that!

Tenant Representation Services

The name says it all really. Tenant Representation Services (TRS) are a colourful addition to this field as they preach a combination of knowledge and neutrality in their practice.

Promoting savings as the significant incentive to opt for their brand, TRS standout from the competition by delivering a future-proof breakdown of tenancy techniques. This ensures that common traps are avoided at all costs, following a time framework based on the square metre of the property. It might be a simplification of a complicated problem, but their user-friendly approach clearly works wonders.

A service is only as good as the companies that choose to associate with them. In the example of TRS, they happen to boast Qudos Bank, National Credit Insurance, Talent International, BTS Australiasia and Harley-Davidson among many others.


Tenant representation services should be carefully considered before a decision is made hastily. Consider what priorities matter to you before putting pen to paper on a lease and ensure that you have a company that will deliver the best advice on the issues that are important to your circumstances.

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