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If your business has been using the same time billing software for a long time now, even though many new different types of time billing software have come out, then there is a good chance that your time billing software is outdated. Keeping up on important details such as when employees are clocking in and out, what they are working on and for how long, how much they are getting paid, how much to pay clients, and which deadlines are coming up soon, is essential to many different types of business. A good time billing software will be able to help you with this, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operation. You may be experiencing a feeling that your current time billing software is out of date, and is not compatible anymore with your growing business. This could be because of a variety of different reasons.

If this is the case, here are some signs that your time billing software is outdated.

Your current system requires manual input of information

A time billing software which requires manual input of information relies solely on the employee to do so. This will track the number of hours they have worked that week and what they have been doing at work. There are a number of problems that come with this type of system, including the employee forgetting to clock in and out, forgetting to clock out lunches and manipulating the system to make it look like they worked more than they did. This type of time billing software is considered to be very outdated nowadays, and an automated time billing software that tracks employees and their activity is now considered to be the norm. Having this type of system eliminates the possibilities above, and will make the business much more efficient as a result.

You have difficulty determining how much a job will cost

You need a way to track your current projects, in order to see how much time and money is being spent on them. Paper tracking will not do this well, and more than likely you will be overspending the budget for certain projects.

An upgraded time billing software will be able to help you manage the projects your business is currently handling, and will be able to display this to you.

This will ensure that you do not go over budget and do not spend more than what you can on projects. It can also help you to delegate employees to certain projects based on deadlines and spending, as you may need more on one project if a deadline is coming up, however you may need less on others if you are getting close to the budget. If you are offering a business service, you need to be able to give a quote for a client’s job or an estimate, so they can see if they can afford it. If you cannot do this, you risk losing them as a client.

You experience scheduling problems

Using an outdated system means that it can be difficult to schedule employees to work on certain times, and can end up in skewed schedules which do not work at all. This is a serious problem for a business and can result in the whole operation being disrupted and halted.

In summary, a time billing software must be upgraded if you are experiencing any of the signs above. These can all be disruptive to your business operation and can be solved through an upgrade. It is important to do so to allow your business to grow.

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