Fake grass has been very popular since it was introduced. They are replacing the real grass in many platforms due to its low maintenance. Sports arenas are now using synthetic grass for better realism. But now people have found more uses of synthetic grass due to its low maintenance, no water consumption, and realistic look. Earlier they were used only for commercial purposes. But now they are used for personal use as well. Here are some of the common uses of fake grass:


Covering landscapes

Since the fake grass are available at different sizes, they can be used anywhere. Big fields and landscapes can be covered with fake grass in order to turn the surrounding completely green. Golf courses make extensive use of artificial turf Sydney as it cuts down the maintenance cost by a huge amount.

Residential landscapes

People who like to have a green backyard can install fake grass to save up time and cost. These synthetic grass will stay green and can withstand any kind of wear and tear. They are completely safe for dogs and kids as well. Since they do not grow, they don’t need to cut every time.


Many stadiums of different sports like football, cricket, hockey and much more are using fake grass. The reason for that is because they are completely soft and do not break easily. Real grass often cut the skin upon contact. But that doesn’t happen with artificial grass.

Parks and playgrounds

Many cities are installing fake grass in their parks and playgrounds in order to increase the safety of the people. Since fake grass is used, it will not attract any kind of insects and animals. Other than that, they are completely soft. So even if a child falls into the grass, they won’t suffer any kind of injury.

Commercial businesses

Companies who want to have a green environment around can use fake grass. They will cost way less as compared to growing real grass. Employees can sit on the synthetic grass and relax.


Many intensive workouts are performed at the gym by people. They need a comfortable mat to stand in order to perform their exercises. With the help of synthetic grass, people can easily stand on the floor without the need to worry about getting injured. Other than that, it also creates a very unique look which is great for the gym.


Balconies are the best place to relax and get chilled. People who want to have green environment around the house can install fake grass in the balconies. Even the dogs will love the setup. Since balconies are small in size, fake grass can be installed in very less amount of money.


Pets don’t like to stay caged inside the house. They want to go out and explore the world. By installing fake grass in the house, the owner is creating a green environment around the house. The pets will love the area.

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