Solar panels

Making a switch from a standard model to a SMA sunny boy inverter might appear like a big step on the surface.

These models offer excellence and quality assurances across the board as the SMA brand continues to score results for local constituents.

Whether the consumer is from a residential or commercial background, it is important to be in control of solar energy consumption and being on top of the output that is utilised.

We will open a discussion about the benefits of switching to this brand of inverter, giving customers more choice and a higher level of performance for their investment.

Easy Installation & Placement

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While installing any type of solar product can feel like a sizeable exercise where extensive work and assessment have to be carried out, those concerns do not apply to the SMA sunny boy inverter. These lightweight models can be easily maneuvered and switched depending on the profile of the property, where it is needed to be accessed and where it can be best protected from external elements. When a specialist SMA provider is available and on hand, the physical installation can be executed inside a few minutes.

WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

Solar monitoring appliances in 2019 have a different level of expectation and standards than older models from the past. This is where the SMA sunny boy inverter works to reach those key objectives for local constituents, providing owners with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to remain up to date with their domestic system. These products also include WLAN and Ethernet connections that ensure communication is future-proofed for owners.

Different Sizes For Different Needs

The good news for local constituents and business owners alike is that a transition towards a SMA sunny boy inverter investment does not speak to one single model. The Sunny Boy is delivered across three main sizes that are suitable for residents and commercial entities depending on their energy demands. Starting with the modest 1.5 model, there are also 2.0 and 3.5kW outlets that offer a higher threshold. The same can be said for the partnered AV range where sizes evolve from the 3.0 to 3.6, 4.0, 5.0 and up to the 6.0 level respectively.

Automatic System Updates

It can be one of the great frustrations for owners of smart technology to deal with manual system updates. It often feels like an imposition and an arduous exercise, but with a transition towards a SMA sunny boy inverter, owners will see their personal system updated automatically. This will help to ensure that the inverter is running at optimal levels, that the communication and monitoring portals are in tune and that any bugs or complications are swiftly removed.

Warranty Coverage With Replacement Guarantee

Local constituents who make an investment with an SMA sunny boy inverter are covered if a replacement system is required. These professional operators are able to install a new model inside one to three working days, ensuring that a diagnostic of the faulty product will be carried out without compromising on current solar energy maintenance needs. That policy from this brand illustrates that they are investing in their customers and providing them with a level of trust and assurance that gives peace of mind to community members.

From assessing the benefits that are provided by a SMA sunny boy inverter system, it is clear to see that a transition from an outdated model to these devices will offer more value for local constituents. Homes and businesses large and small want to leverage the energy they store and keep on top of their performance levels, and this is exactly the type of device that will meet those specified requirements.

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