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Many people are not sure what to expect when going to family court in Sydney for the first time. It can be daunting to set foot inside the courtroom especially if it relates to children, a divorce or other matters. So, what she should expect and how should you prepare for your visit to family court in Sydney?

Preparing for your visit to family court in Sydney

It is important to be prepared before going to a hearing in a courtroom. This may mean ensuring you secure the services of a lawyer and gather all the relevant information to your circumstances and your case. You will want to make sure you gather any relevant documents and file anything you need to with the courtroom. On the day you’ll want to bring a notepad and pen along with you and if you’re nervous then you may want to consider observing a few courtroom proceedings before your matter is heard, this will help you to get familiar with what to expect.

What you should wear

There are no particular rules about what you should wear to family court in Sydney but it is considered to be quite a formal place so generally it is a good idea to dress accordingly. A more formal style of dress will help you to make a better impression.

Can you bring children to family court in Sydney?

Courtrooms are considered to be not ideal places to bring children. Unless the presence of you children is necessary, it’s better to make alternative arrangement for them whilst your matter is being heard. It’s a good idea to make child care arrangements. If you’re not sure whether you should bring them a long then it’s a good idea to speak to courtroom staff about whether or not you should arrange childcare.

Safety in the courtroom

Some matters may lead you to worry for your personal safety such as when domestic violence has been involved. If you are worried about how safe you’ll be when attending family court in Sydney then you should speak to court room staff beforehand to ensure that the proper arrangements are made.

What to do when you arrive at family court in Sydney

On the day you are to attend family court in Sydney you should make sure to arrive early. This will give you the appropriate amount of time to get through security and locate the courtroom. The staff can help you locate the correct courtroom should you have difficulty finding it. If you want to you can bring along a member of your family or even a friend – this can provide support and comfort on the day. You should keep in mind that recording devices are not allowed unless you have the permission of an officer of the courtroom. Before you go inside you should make sure that any electronics are switched off and remove any concealing items like hats and sunglasses unless you have a medical or religious reason not to.  You should also keep in mind that food and drink should not be brought into the courtroom.

When you are called

When it is your turn for your case to be heard, you should stand up and sit at the bar table. You can take any relevant papers with you but make sure you keep the table clear of bags. Everyone will need to announce themselves.

When orders have been made

When a decision is reached make sure you listen carefully and write down anything you will need to remember. If you haven’t heard everything then make sure you ask for the information to be repeated.

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